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We provide online research sampling capabilities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and other parts of Asia Pacific.

Sampling sources that are reliable and consistent and in accordance with market research principles

Why Greater China?

​Greater China and in particular mainland China’s emerging middle-class consumer population is on the verge of a momentous transformation into similar consumer behavior and spending patterns as we have already seen in other consumer societies .... but only bigger !

However, with its deep-rooted Chinese culture, whereby family values and social traditions prevail, Chinese consumers ultimately  identify their own, unique consumer values, brand preferences and product usage.

This is a huge market-entry opportunity for  manufacturers in the consumer goods space who are determined to expand their market horizon into Greater China through well-designed and well-thought-out  online market research practices.


Our purpose is to enable the Chinese consumer population to be better explained & better understood by anyone who is in need of market research solutions in Greater China.

We deliver cultural, social, linguistic and local knowledge/intelligence about the population and their living environment.

This knowledge/intelligence contributes to an optimized research process across Greater China and the Asia Pacific region


Project management

We provide premium client-oriented project management with a human touch.

We are professional with a rich heritage in market research and Greater China & Asia.


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