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Samplenomics provides a range of research consulting services that enable researchers to deliver best-in-class consumer research practices through online research in Greater China.  Samplenomics help clients to significantly improve the data collection process by continually delivering cultural, social, linguistic & local intelligence about the respondents' environment which results in premium reliable research data and more insightful data interpretation.

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Good market research comes from reliable sampling sources. We provide Best-In-Class sampling techniques and resources that meet the quality requirements of market research principles.

We own and operate our proprietary online consumer community in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan which is a multi-sourced consumer opinion platform that enables respondents to bring their voice about all kinds of consumer-research related topics. Importantly, this online consumer community is for market research-purpose only.

While addressing the market research principles we have spent enormous time and effort in the design of the consumer community and to make sure those members, respondents and visitors to the community are engaged in a familiar environment that becomes part of their daily life. By keeping our focus on the community design which is culturally and socially aligned with the life-style environment of internet users in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan we enable a strong and trusted connection between people and market research.  


Our China intelligence consulting service is what makes us truly unique. We help clients to achieve better respondent data quality and more enriched respondent feedback by continually identifying improvements in the research objective which are applied to conducting online surveys in Greater China.

By delivering cultural, social, linguistic and local intelligence about the people and their own environment in Greater China, we help clients to untangle the Chinese mysteries sometimes hidden in their research data and convert these into enriched data points which make sense, are more relevant to the real-world and provide a deeper understanding of what the respondents are really trying to express in your surveys.

Our multinational team bring a wealth of cultural background exposure which provides a deep understanding and explanations of both Eastern and Western norms & values.

Project management.

That’s basic stuff right? …think again.
Good project management includes a whole range of business disciplines that makes your project communicative, informative and delivered on-time and to spec, all with a human touch and supported by smart technology. Not the other way around.

We provide premium client-oriented project management services to guide your research project & data collection process from start-to-finish and with our mixed European and Asian heritage we bring the best-of-both worlds together. 

With reliable Sampling, enriched Intelligence and professional Project Management services we leverage your output to a completely new standard.

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