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About Us

​Samplenomics is an online sampling consultancy firm for consumer research practices in Greater China which includes mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau. We bring industry expertise about online research methodologies, online sampling and multi-country data collection.

What truly set us apart is the market research industry heritage united with the mixed European and Asian background of the Samplenomics crew which empower clients to deliver premium market research practices in the Greater China region and the Asia region

Chee Ngai Ng
happy CEO

Chee Ngai started his market research career more than a decade ago and developed a passion for online research & online data collection methodologies, firstly in Europe and was pivotal in expanding the online data collection as the dominant method in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. In prior of founding his own company he had a long-time career with  Survey Sampling International (SSI) and earned a well-known reputation for his online research knowledge across Europe, Australia, Greater China and the Asia Pacific region. Till recent he served as the Managing Director for SSI Southeast Asia.    

As a Dutch-born Chinese he has a true mixed European and Asian background with a deep-understanding of both cultures and societies.   

Herman Tsui
happy project manager

Herman is one of the project managers and community developers at Samplenomics. During his time as a student Herman has managed to gain interesting cultural experiences by studying and living in the Netherlands,  Spain and Hong Kong.He recently finished his study Communication and Multimedia Design, specializing in interaction design. After completing projects for the Maastricht University Medical Centre and Hong Kong Institute of Education, he decided to join the Samplenomics team.

Currently working in the Netherlands, Herman is also frequently found in Hong Kong. Born in the Netherlands, raised with a Chinese mindset, a passionate martial artist and lover of all kinds of technology.

Anita Haddu
happy Chief Community Development

Anita started her career within sales and gradually moved into IT, where she eventually became a Project Manager. She has started within Market Research at SSI in several roles, i.e. Internet Business Analyst, Global Product Manager and Strategic Sr Project Manager and has led projects which involved the rebranding and development of the global panels and the creation of all APAC panels from scratch. Besides the main stream panels she also has been responsible for the creation of niche demographic panels and programs which include affiliate panels, loyalty systems and a broad range of company and client solutions.

Born in the Netherlands, with Moroccan parents and based in the Netherlands, Anita has 20+ year international experience with a large understanding of different cultures and customs including Asian diversity and habits. Anita also brings Marketing and Community knowledge to Samplenomics for which she started in January 2013.

Almando Coutinho
happy Chief Technology

In the early days of Almando's career he worked at Bloomerce Access Panels Europe as a Software developer. Being responsible for the development of the European websites and implementations of different solutions with affiliate partners he gained a great amount of experience on online sampling and market research.

In the different positions Almando was responsible for large B2B and B2C platforms acting as a bridge between software development, IT infrastructure and business solutions.

After gladly joining the Samplenomics team Almando visited Hong Kong & Southern China in summer 2012 where he learned about the rich Chinese culture and habits.

Based in the Netherlands Almando will work closely with partners in China to deliver the best result for western companies with their research in China. As technology director Almando is responsible to deliver the best state-of-the-art software solutions and websites for Samplenomics where the Chinese culture will be the fundamental part to be able to interact with the Chinese consumer.

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