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Samplenomics on stage!

At Samplenomics, we're not just behind the scenes; we're often on stage, sharing our expertise with the global insights community. From delivering keynote speeches to contributing to expert panels, here's a snapshot of our recent on-stage appearances:

At last year's Printemps des études tradeshow in Paris, we partnered with ESOMAR to deliver a keynote on "The Modern Chinese Consumer." We explored how traditional values and traditions influence brand perception, purchase intent and product usage. And creating a unique consumer identity in China.

Additionally, we've collaborated with QRCA, the global network of qualitative research professionals,  to contribute to expert panels on conducting and analyzing qualitative research in the Asia region. Our insights help illuminate best practices and emerging trends in this dynamic market.

Stay tuned for more exciting on-stage appearances as we continue to lead the conversation on data and insights in China and beyond.


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