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How brands connect with Chinese consumers at Lunar New Year

During Lunar New Year many Asian consumers tend to do some last-minute new year shopping to buy new clothing, wallets, personal accessories, children’s toys and all sorts of luxury foods to welcome the Lunar New Year. Retailers and shopping malls just wrapped up the Christmas decorations and immediately put out the auspicious red & gold lunar new year decorations and rabbit signage to attract shoppers.

Since the inception of Samplenomics, more than a decade ago, to assist consumer brands with consumer insights we have been on the road to do the Samplenomics Shopping Scan™. It has always been a great joy to observe Chinese shopper patterns, observe the latest consumer trends and how domestic private labels and global premium brands connects with their shopping audience through smart product innovations and culturally aligned branding communications. The majority of the consumer brands – both domestic and international retailers – offer Lunar New Year featured products which are often limited gift edition and usually carries the auspicious red color design, sparks luxury and sense of (family) harmony. In our recent Lunar New Year edition Shopping Scan™ we were amazed by the toys and board game brands, which displayed product designs with detailed elements which smartly connects with the Chinese cultural and Chinese values. Monopoly™ and Lego™ stand out here. The famous family board game Monopoly™ designed a Lunar New Year edition with a golden plated rabbit token. This is a great way to spend family time together during the festivities.

Monopoly™ Golden Rabbit limited edition with Chinese Lucky Money.

The Lunar New Year edition comes with authentic Chinese culture elements, such as Chinese lucky money pack, Hung Bao red envelopes and an unique game board design.

Monopoly™ Golden Rabbit limited edition with Chinese Lucky Money.

For each Monopoly™ player an unique token which represents the Chinese auspicious symbols. Meticulously designed in the typical Lunar New Year festive colors and enriched with lion dances, dragons and fire crackers.

Monopoly™  tokens  of the Golden Rabbit and Chinese symbols

Global toy maker Lego™ creates Lunar New Year edition which epics around Chinese traditions, values and family virtues, such as harmony and the Confucian filial piety . A clever way to combine fun, education and brand innovation.

above: A Lego™ carrousel with different Chinese stories around Lunar New Year, such as paying respect to the elderly, the popular Hong Bao (also referred as LaiSi in Cantonese language) red envelop gifting to children and the adoration for the God of Fortune. below: The display of the Chinese family harmony with the idealistic 3 generations under one roof.

Lego™ family generations

Other consumer brands made efforts too to design and to communicate around Lunar New year. During this Shopping Scan™ tour we also observed these beautiful designs.

Household appliances company Dyson™, designed the Lunar New Year Gift edition hair care products with the ever auspicious red color design in Hong Kong retail stores. Guaranteed your hair style looks stunning during the Lunar New Year celebrations!

the Dyson™ airwrap and hair dryer

In the e-commerce retail domains, Swiss watchmaker Swatch™ added the Lunar New Year edition to its latest collection with a limited edition rabbit figure. A great mix of fashion, lifestyle and Chinese cultures story telling.

Swatch™  Rabbit Lunar New Year edition

Lunar New Year is the perfect time for retail brands to (re-)connect with the Asian consumers. Successful consumer brands understands that offering good quality products and strong brand reputation is not good enough. It requires to also make strong marketing efforts that appeals to the Chinese mindset, culture and values.

Samplenomics can help you to understand the Chinese and Asian consumer. Contact us for more!


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